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Education and Advocacy


The League of Women Voters of Oregon is a grassroots, nonpartisan political organization which encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government. The state League’s purposes are to influence public policy through education and advocacy.


National League of Women Voters -  Positions

Oregon League of Women Voters - Positions

LWV of Lincoln County – Summary of Positions – 1975-2006

Fall 2006                 POSITION:  Homeless Youth

LWV Lincoln County supports state and local programs and services which intervene to prevent conditions that lead to homelessness.     

LWVLC supports the ASF (Adoption and Safe Families Act), which provides funding to local programs and services.  LWVLC supports ASF’s long range goal-- to put at risk children into a permanent healthy family environment through adoption, or when possible, education and treatment for parents to return the children to their families, or to place them with other family members.  

LWVLC supports state, county, city and private programs, specifically including schools, which attempt to identify children at risk before the situation becomes critical.  

LWVLC supports and encourages proactive programs to assist youth and families, including affordable housing and emergency shelters, daycare centers for children and improved public transportation systems.


Child Health Position:                                      2005  

1.  The LWV of Lincoln County supports the mission, goals and legislated responsibilities of the state Department of Human Services to provide health, childcare and safety services for children and families.  The LWVLC also supports the county goals identified by the Lincoln County Children and Families Commission particularly Goal II – Healthy Thriving Children.  

2.  The LWVLC supports adequate public funding at the national, state and local levels for health and safety services, which include adequate staffing of schools and the child welfare agency; and adequate funding for food and shelter for all children in the County.  Specifically the LWVLC supports the widest inclusion of families in the OHP by supporting adequate national funding for Medicaid and expanding health care access of children and families through public clinics with sliding fee scale payment options.  

3.  The LWVLC supports the Oregon ’s Progress Board’s Benchmark Project as a method for identifying and measuring outcomes of services such as the Child Well-Being Index.  

4.    The LWVLC supports the development of three needed services in the county:

A crisis-center for children and families that could provide emergency child care

Accessible dental care for children

             Mental health services for children and families regardless of income or health insurance eligibility  

5.   The LWVLC supports a healthy, safe environment for all the children in Lincoln County .

Land Use and Natural Resource  Issues in Lincoln County             2001  

1.  The LWVLC supports all the statewide planning goals of the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, with particular emphasis on Goal 5 (open spaces, scenic and historic areas, and natural resources); Goal 17 (coastal shorelands); and Goal 18 (beaches and dues).  We advocate the cooperation and compliance of local jurisdictions in meeting these goals, conducting periodic reviews, and revising local codes and ordinances as appropriate.  

2.  The LWVLC supports preservation of open spaces in the coastal shoreland, including bays and estuaries.    

3.   The LWVLC supports the preservation of Highway 101 as a National Scenic Byway.  We advocate the study of costs and benefits of proposed economic developments prior to approval of proposed developments in the Highway 101 corridor.  We support action to maintain a viable economy while preserving the natural beauty and environmental integrity of the area, such as preservation of native flora and fauna, removal of noxious weeds, reduction of intrusive signs and overhead utility lines, and removal of derelict buildings.


Alcohol and Substance Abuse Education  and Services                      2001


The LWV of Lincoln County supports the need for alcohol and substance abuse education in schools and in the community, and services for alcoholics in Lincoln County , including a medically-supervised detoxification facility, in-patient and out-patient care, and centralized leadership and coordination.  

(Updates position adopted in 1982, by adding substance abuse.)

Lincoln County School District :                        1985  

The LWV of Lincoln County studied Lincoln County School District curriculum, organization, and financing in 1984-85 and continue to invite speakers and hold programs to keep us informed.  We recognize the need for an update of this position but do not have resources to do so at this time.  

Note:  We are able to take action on some issues under the LWVOR position on K-12 School District             Finance, which we studied this year.  The revised version adopted by the LWVOR states:  

“The LWV of Oregon believes:

1.  The major portion of the cost of public schools should be borne by the state.

        a.       The state should provide sufficient funds to give each child an equal, adequate education

         b.       All specifically-mandated programs should be financed by the state.

2.  Local districts should be allowed funding alternatives to provide educational programs.  

3.  Apart from state mandates, local control of the educational programs should be maintained.  

4.  A stable state system for financing public schools is crucial for long-range planning.

Post Secondary Education                               1985  

The LWV of Lincoln County believes the primary goal of Oregon ’s post secondary education should be to provide a broad spectrum of higher education for professional, vocational, and personal enrichment to all qualified and motivated individuals.

Port District                                                      1983  

Support use of prudent economic development strategies by port districts within the county when undertaken with public knowledge and participation, and are consistent with adopted land use planning guidelines.  We believe the port districts should do a better job of educating and informing the public about port business.                                                                                                                


Domestic Violence                                           1979  

The LWV of Lincoln County believes that resources should be available throughout the county to provide shelter, referral and counseling services to women and children who are victims of domestic violence.  We support legislative domestic violence laws and ask that they be enforced.  We believe that there should be cooperation at all levels among agencies providing services.  

Libraries                                                          1975  

The LWV of Lincoln County supports county-wide public library services.


 Siletz Indian Tribe Restoration                      1977

The Lincoln County League of Women Voters supports legislation to restore the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon as a federally recognized Sovereign Indian Tribe and also to restore to these Indians, Federal Services and benefits furnished to federally recognized American Indian Tribes.